More than templates and plug-ins, we deploy the right, custom experience your users expect.

Convert and Connect with web development custom built for your specific needs.

Templates & Plug-Ins

Design templates get you only so far and plug-ins add functionality, but need to be managed. WordPress, loved for its abundance of both templates and add-ons is a robust platform that can quickly elevate your web experience. To truly make them your own requires customization and understanding of what’s available.

One of our most common challenge is to choose the right template to start from, so that we don’t have to reinvent everything or code from scratch. Templates save us tens and even hundreds of hours depending on the complexity of your site. To efficiently craft a website for you, we need to know what’s available and adapt it to your needs.

With plug-ins, the same is true. Our hand-on experience in setting up and customizing these essential add-ons saves time and energy. We also have to balance between speed and function, relative to your goals. Too many plug-ins will slow down your pageload, and often we work to remove plug-ins when we need to.

Building with WordPress since 2004, we have a deep understanding of both templates and plug-ins. We deliver value to you by being as efficient and possible, leveraging functionality when you need it and avoiding bells and whistles for their own sake.

Custom Development

GreenDev can take your unique goals and develop the best tools to serve your needs. From selecting the right plug-in and setting it up to customizing it’s function, the ways it’s used and user experience, we custom code function to deliver the experience you need. From extensive forms and unique tools to engaging conversion, we can take your concepts and quickly scope-out real solutions. And we’re here to keep them operating and maintained.

Platforms & Toolsets


Some of our favorite solutions include WordPress, Magento, Shopify and OpenCart. Toolsets include HMTL5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL. We’re adept in others, managing Joomlah, Drupal, OS Commerce and have tinkered with Dolphin and other more expansive platforms. Our big picture understanding of the values and strengths of each, helps us identify the best solution for your unique needs.