Watching your web traffic

Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data.

People visit your site everyday. Analytics is the art and science of tracking these visits, visualizing data, and gaining insight, so you can refine and improve your site.


When we watch your web traffic, we see patterns. Who visits your site? Where do they go? What do they do and how long do they stay?

Analytics provides the data we need to understand who visits your site and why. We’ll create and manage accounts to install and properly setup several tools, providing you with a detailed view of your current traffic and site performance.

Setting up Analytics, Search Console and Webmaster Tools creates a reporting system, and defining conversion goals creates the essential actions that lets us make sense of your web traffic. Our expert analysis of this data, and our open transparency in providing all this to you, lets us improve and refine performance over time.

From these tools we create automated reporting. You’ll receive weekly emails that provide detailed information, showing who’s visiting your site, where they go, for how long they stay and what they’re interested in.

At the same time, we’ll train you in reading these reports, making sense of this information, and analyzing data. From this we create recommendations for actions that will allow us to improve the site’s performance in search.

From simple recurring reports to weekly or monthly analysis, we’re great at setting up and managing analytics to support your Search and Paid campaigns.

MonsterInsights MonsterInsights

Monster Insights links to your Google Analytics account and shows your data from your WordPress Dashboard. It helps visualize the most important information, so you can easily see who visits your sites, and better understand how they use it.

We give you control of any add-on we connect to your site, you engage the service and we install it on your site.

Adept at Google Analytics, we’re here to help you understand what you’re seeing in MonsterInsight.

MonsterInsightsAnalyzing this data helps us both recognize trends so we can refine your site. Which articles are people reading, which pages do people skim through and what grabs the most attention? MonsterInsight makes it easy for the novice or pro alike to focus on the most important info and quickly make sense of your traffic.

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