Who visits your website and what can you learn from their interactions?

Analytics is the measurement of website traffic, interpretation of data, and the use of this information to improve your site and gain insight.


Analytics provides the data we need to understand who visits your site and why.

People visit your site everyday. We use your web analytics to track these visits, visualize data, and gain insight, so we can refine and improve your site.

When we watch your web traffic, we see patterns. Who visits your site? Where do they go? What do they do and how long do they stay?

We’ll create and manage accounts to install and properly setup several tools providing us with a detailed view of your current traffic and site performance.


Setting up Google Analytics and Search Console creates a reporting system that measures traffic on your site. And we install tools that let you see all this information and teach you how to interpret traffic.

Conversions are key actions visitors take, like buying an item, signing up for your newsletter, or submitting a contact form. When we define conversion goals we single out the essential actions that visitors take, that lets us make sense of your web traffic.

We see where people go, what they do, and refine your site, to improve conversions.

From these tools we create automated reporting. You’ll receive monthly or weekly emails that provide detailed information, showing who’s visiting your site, where they go, for how long they stay and what they’re interested in.

At the same time, we’ll train you in reading these reports, making sense of this information, and analyzing data. From this we create recommendations for actions that will allow us to improve the site’s performance in search.

From simple recurring reports to weekly or monthly analysis, we’re great at setting up and managing analytics to support your Search and Paid campaigns.


Beyond improving your site, every action we take, from a new article, to an advertising or social media campaign, we can see its impact on your marketing efforts. Analytics shows us how we’re doing in meeting your goals.

Our goal after we build your website is to help you with continual digital marketing and analytics measures our progress.