Paid Advertising

Advertising is Tactical, Immediate

If Search is long term, Paid is fast. Need customers quick? PPC is the best answer.

Paid digital advertising works. There’s a reason every major brand has presence in online ads. Unfortunately, it’s these national brands that compete against us, in our local market.

If you haven’t begun to advertise online, here’s your wake up call.

We help you manage your PPC (Pay Per Click) accounts and campaigns. Google and Bing ads are the primary vehicles, but not the only advertising options available to you, Search, Display, and remarketing are great options to get your ads in front of the right audience.

And don’t forget video with YouTube or advertising on social media—we can help you manage campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to great effect.

Advertising Strategy

Data provides actionable information. We perform research and audits to first understand your marketplace, from advertising audits to understand the effectiveness of all your campaigns, to competitive analysis to see who’s in your market—our analysis is the foundation of your paid campaigns.


Finding the right keywords and phrases and managing them over time is critical to making the most of your campaigns. And once we see where you rank and who ranks against you, we begin our focus of making paid advertising work for you.

Ad Performance

With an unrelenting focus on how your ads are working, GreenDev’s mission is to understand your goals and drive traffic and conversion.

Ads and Landing Pages

We help perfect and refine each ad and associated landing pages. We build sites focused on conversion goals. Ads and Landing pages are the bread and butter of each campaign, and we take this stuff seriously.

Maximizing Bids

The way each account is managed has dramatic effects on what you pay for each ad. Google relies on your Ad Score to determine what you pay for each bid. We monitor your traffic so we can improve ads and landing pages for best effect and lowest cost on each click.

Return on Investment

Both Paid and Search represent an investment of your time and resources. GreenDev exists to build sites that perform. We see site building, search and paid as the three tenets of delivering to our mission. Modern sites have to move beyond being a simple brochure in order to be effective and deliver ROI to our clients.


We have a simple equation for paid advertising. First things first, no one can guarantee you success, both you and our team has to learn what works for you.

Our goal at the onset is to get to a 1:1 scenario where you spend a dollar in advertising and you earn a dollar in sales. We work to get there as fast as possible, knowing we have to prove our value. When we get there, it’s a hallelujah moment, knowing that for every dollar you spend means a dollar of return takes the fear out of the process—and we understand that it’s scary.

Next we scale, seeing if there’s a limit to the equation. Search works in 90 day campaigns, but Paid either works or it doesn’t. Our quick campaigns are 30 days, creating pages, landing pages and ads, trying them out and logging progress. Each month we push ahead until we learn what works for your unique business.

Because the landscape is always shifting we have to work within reality and learn at every turn. Are your prices right? Do competitors run things differently? The further we go the more data we collect and analyze.

If 1:1 means what we’re doing is working the multiples are real success. 2:1, 3:1, 5:1 and more, once we can put a dollar in and earn $2 or $3, it’s time to celebrate. ROI means Return on Investment, and we’re never satisfied with just breaking even. In today’s hyper competitive online marketplace, digital marketing is essential.