Search, SEO, and SEM

How do people find your website?

Search includes all our efforts for users to find us organically or naturally. People find us online because of what’s in our site, and for that to work, our site has to be built properly, communicate with search engines, and provide information people want.

Google Search

Search Fundamentals

Properly building your site and including all the basics is what we call search fundamentals. We lay the groundwork, telling engines who we are, what we’re about, and where we live and serve.


Keywords are what people search for. Which ones lead them to you? First we identify which keywords you need to rank for, then we build each and every page, based on key words and phrases.

Google sees what words your site is built around, and steers users to best resources—the most relevant sites that answer the search—through inference and association. By intentionally crafting your site around this content, we build your rank up with each article and every page.

Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. We continually review each and every page, see what ranks, and fine tune our efforts to meet your goals. Optimizing your content for search focuses search engines on your message, products and offerings.

Site and Page Rank

All this work results in site and page rank, scores that effect and determine where Google and Bing place you in search results. No one can guarantee you’ll be on page one of results, but we will work to improve the quality and relevance of your pages and site to accomplish your goals.

Search Engine Marketing

The art and science of refining how your site ranks is called SEM, or Search Engine Marketing. Using mainstay tools like Google Analytics and Search Console, and a custom stack of more specific tools, we work in three-month campaigns to research, edit, and review changes we make, refining how your site ranks in Search Engines (SEs).