Ok, so you have a great site, but how do people find you?

The answer is Search and Paid.

It sounds simple, but it’s not that easy to deliver.


Search includes all our efforts for users to find us organically*. People find us online because of Search. For that to work, our site has to be built properly, communicate with search engines, and provide information people want. Google calls it, relevance.
* When we say organically, we mean, naturally. People find us on search because of the way your site is built.

Google Search

Search Fundamentals

Properly building your site and including all the basics is what we call search fundamentals. We lay the groundwork, telling engines who we are, what we’re about, and where we live and serve.


Setting up Analytics, Search Console and Webmaster Tools creates a reporting system. Defining conversion goals creates the essential actions that lets us make sense of your web traffic. Our expert analysis of this data, and our open transparency in providing all this to you, lets us improve and refine performance over time.


Experts in content marketing, we help you write and edit, improve the words and graphics on your site that gets your message across to the right audience. Search for graphics, photos and video is an intentional effort to get you ranked.

Local Search

If you’re locally focused, ranking in your service area is mission critical. We’re seeing national and international monsters gobble up market share, attacking local. Digital marketing is essential and owning your local search is a must have. If you’re seeing decline in your sales, someone is taking your market share. We help correct that with research that drives action—and results.

Optimization (SEO and SEM)

Optimizing your content for search and Search Engine Marketing focuses search engines on our message, products and offerings. We deploy a suite to tools to ensure we’re current, following best practices and fine tuning SEO efforts to meet your goals.

Site and Page Rank

And all this work results in site and page rank, scores that effect and determine where Google and Bing place you in search results. No one can guarantee you’ll be on page one of results, but we will work to improve the quality and relevance of your pages and site, to accomplish your goals.



Advertising online is the other side of the coin.

We help you manage your PPC (Pay Per Click) accounts and campaigns—and are really good at it. Google and Bing ads are the primary vehicles, but not the only advertising options available to you.  Search, Display, and remarketing are great options to get your ads in front of the right audience.

And don’t forget video with YouTube or advertising on social media—we can help you manage campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to great effect.

Google Ads Bing Ads You Tube Ads Facebook Ads Instagram Ads Messenger Ads LinkedIn Ads

Advertising Strategy

Data provides actionable information. We perform research and audits to first understand your marketplace. From advertising audits to understand the effectiveness of all your campaigns, to competetive analysis to see who’s in your market, our analysis is the foundation of your paid campaigns.


Finding the right keywords and phrases and managing them over time is critical to making the most of your campaigns. And once we see who ranks against you and where you rank, we begin our focus of making paid advertising work for you.

Ad Performance

With unrelenting focus on how your ads are working, GreenDev’s mission is to understand your goals and drive traffic and conversion.

Ads and Landing Pages

We help perfect and refine each ad, and associated landing pages. We build sites focused on conversion goals. Ads and Landing pages are the bread and butter of each campaign and we take this stuff seriously.

Maximizing Bids

The way each account is managed has dramatic effects on what you pay for each ad. Google relies on your Ad Score to determine what you pay for each bid. We track so we can improve ads and landing pages for best effect and lowest cost on each click.

Return on Investment

Both Paid and Search represent an investment of your time and resources. GreenDev exists to build sites that perform. We see sitebuild, search and paid as the three tennets of delivering to our mission. Modern sites have to move beyond being a simple brochure in order to be effective and deliver ROI to our clients.