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Why does original content matter? Every website needs a strong foundation to build upon

Articles, press releases, whitepapers, forums, guides, and profiles are all an integral part of getting your brand seen and heard.

Search engines change their algorithms often to favor well-written, original content, and even a few small press releases here and there can greatly drive traffic towards your website. Our content services tell the internet that you are active, relevant, and current. And it takes more than Chat GPT to effectively tell your story.

Eric and Longbow helped us create a strategy and build an inbound marketing process and content creation. Working with our team to understand and clarify our messaging, we’ve engaged an audience and created momentum. Bottom line, we’re up 50% year over year.

Tom Brandt, eTech Events


Having strong and lengthy content is key to capturing search, but capturing actual customers requires a clear, concise message tailored to your intended audience.

It is important to understand that very few people will read every word while researching a service or product, rather, they will scan the text for the general ideas and then decide whether to stay or to move on. In order to get the most out of your content, it needs to be laser-focused, clearly state its intentions, and use the proper language expected by your target audience.

We help fine-tune your voice, from your mission statement to product offerings—and focus your written content on what matters.


Behind every paragraph, there should be a guiding purpose, a reason for that particular text to be there, whether it’s reinforcing your mission statement or driving home a call-to-action. We design your site with content in mind, to convert passive visitors into active users.


Google goes to great strides to determine who authors content, and posting the same articles or copy in multiple places only waters down ranking. Original content is king—and search engines credit the source. How we link to content on social media matters as well, as the practice of posting the same copy on several social channels defeats the purpose. Our strategy ensures every post is unique and drives people to your site.


We do more than just write the occasional article we create a process that produces original content on a schedule. Content marketing is a strategy and it’s the long game, that means it’s continual. We create a plan, a raison d’etre (reason to be) for every channel we manage, and when we see what’s working, we fine tune operations. Think of it as a radio station, when someone tunes in, if content isn’t fresh and relevant, then you’re broadcasting nothing but dead air. Get intentional about your content marketing and see how we can help.

Engaging writing with a human voice

The rise of Open AI and Chat GPT makes writing look simple, but great content is crafted, not generated. Copywriting is one of our strengths and while modern tools like AI make us efficient, it still takes talent and experience to convey your brand.

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