Backup and Recovery

What happens when your site goes down?

Having a plan to restore your site is the best security.

At GreenDev, we take the security of your website seriously, offering backup and recovery services to protect you and your customers’ data.

Every site is backed up at the Server level, but that’s never the quickest way to get your site back up and running. At the Admin level we create plans that prevent you from losing work if your service is interrupted.

For years we’ve been concerned with protecting your websites. We quickly realized that no matter how hard we work to secure and keep your site safe and operational, the bad guys find new innovative ways to make our lives difficult.

In the event of a hack or an outage, the real question is, how quickly can we get your website up and running.

To answer this, we have tools that allow us to backup your site at intervals that meet your budget. This is shown in your monthly maintenance fee.

How often do we need to backup our website?

  • Does you site contain work?
  • Does your staff continuously edit, add, or change content and data, on your website? 
  • If your site is down for a day, what would you lose?

Most sites require weekly or even monthly backups, because they don’t really change. (We can talk about why your site isn’t changing as we discuss content marketing and the value of keeping your site fresh and relevant.)

For backups, we tailor a plan to ensure we’re saving the right recovery points—for the optimal length of time.

Think about it. Every back up consumes space on a hard drive on your web server. The cost of backup (and recovery) is in the amount of data we store and how often we perform the service. Tools that help us manage the process also come into play as some have paid upgrades.

Contact us and we can quickly create the right plan for your budget.