Features and Functionality

Customize how your site works

Often we need more than what comes standard

The platforms we use already deliver function. Often our clients need more and we deliver these features using third-party tools. WordPress calls them plugins.

Our job in choosing, integrating and customizing these, is an important part of the process. Especially, because we have to ensure they’re working and keep them that way.

  • Articles and blogs
  • Contact forms
  • Newsletter signups
  • Security
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Performance
  • Caching
  • Ecommerce
  • Analytics
  • SEO
  • Integrations
  • Events, Calendars
  • Memberships
  • Subscriber-Only Content
  • Chat, Live Chat, and Chatbots
  • and lots more

Choosing Plugins

Because these tools are made by others, we have a rigorous process for selecting plugins. First, if a plugin is not in the WordPress library, we are hesitant to consider them. Why? Because they’re vetted and quality controlled by the WordPress team.

The library also provide valuable info that show how many people are using each plugin, the last time it was updated, and if it’s tested to work in the latest version of WordPress. To that, they add a community rating and comment/support forum to help us choose.

This is critical for the platform and a big reason why WordPress is the most trusted and used on the entire internet. Open source software works when information is shared.

We work all year raising money to do what we do in December. None of it would mean anything if we couldn’t get the Toys to the families. Lots of websites and sign-ups need to be working without any issue at all—one problem, and things get messy.
Longbow (GreenDev) is the greatest support team, ever.

They keep our site and sign-up programs up to date and working perfectly. Eric and his team are amazing and we are lucky to have them.

Timmy Vee, Toys for Kids