Hosting powers your site

Your website needs to live on a computer, a web server.

Each hosts has it’s strengths and weaknesses, and we help you determine what will meet your needs. Performance, support, maintenance are often counter balanced by cost and attentiveness. As development gets more complex, we always gravitate towards stronger service. That said, you get to choose. We list some hosts we prefer here, but there are many in the simpler tiers.

We list the main flavors of hosting. Most hosts can scale to meet your demand, in busy seasons or as you grow. They never scale back, so managing cost per performance is important to understand. Ecommerce and sites that rely heavily on data, security, or powerful backup solutions require more to host than a simpler site.

Understanding what kind of hosting you need is critical.


Simple to engage, we’re fine with their hosting, but do not love their ubiquitous selling on the site. They do have an incredible interface, that lets you delegate who you want to work on your site, meaning you never have to give your password. Another down side that we see is support, which again sells solutions a bit more than we’re used to. Great prices, lots of features, we’ve used GoDaddy since 1998, no kidding.

iThemes Hosting

iThemes is one of our favorite WordPress security plug-in providers. They’ve developed a suite of tools, including Backup Buddy, Sync, and their Best in class Security tools. As they begin to offer hosting, we’re excited enough to try them, especially as they bundle backup and recovery, a critical security layer. Introducing Simple yet smarter WordPress Hosting, combined with the power of iThemes Sync.
iThemes Hosting


What Pair lacks in interface—they do not offer cPanel for instance—they make up with stellar customer service. As site-builders, I feel Pair always has my back, helping me resolve any issues we’ve run into. Again, we’ve used them since 2000 and heartily recommend Pair.

Pair Hosting


We see this host as one of the best in regards to security and performance. Access to tools is excellent—though not recommended for newbies.SiteGround Hosting