Building and managing an online store quickly scales from simple to mission critical.

If you spend too much time running your ecommerce, instead of running your business—then GreenDev is for you.

We’ve helped many retailers and manufacturers who’ve become bogged down with the daily operations of their cart—at the expense of their customers. Run your business and let us help with the eCommerce.


Which Platform?

Running the right platform is really step one. If you sell just a few items, then we can keep things really simple. As your product inventory increases, different platforms more than outweigh their costs. With expertise in Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, and WordPress solutions, we can help you reign in your cart—so you can focus on sales and promotions.

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With Shopify, we build a custom designed site, hosted with them—or allowing you to sell through their platform on any site. We add apps and functionality, help manage products, and from there are available for content, visuals, search and paid promotion. Shopify is a paid platform.

We’ve been developing and managing Magento sites since 2008. Incredibly powerful, for serious, and often Enterprise level carts, we help you manage the platform, design a custom look and feel, and turn on added features and function. Did you know that you can run one Magento back-end connected to multiple stores? Often this function is the deciding factor, for easier inventory, sales and promotions. It’s reporting functions are also very advanced and has built in emailing for campaigns and abandoned cart features.

And for simpler needs, WordPress and OpenCart are tried and true options we have experience with.


Contact us and we’ll help you understand strengths and weaknesses of each platform, and the best fit for your needs.


What you sell, and how you present it, effects your bottom line. Retailers have to create both compelling brands that foster community and provide unique, custom content that sells each product. When someone searches for that product, what makes them find you?

We help you manage what’s in your store, from product imports to content and custom descriptions. Let our content experts build the listings and articles that elevates your store above the noise. Services we deploy include writing and editing, SEO, photography and video, both stock and original.


We offer extensive services, from ads and landing pages to content marketing for organic search. And don’t forget building and managing opt-in mailing lists for newsletters, seasonal outreach and special offers. How often do you reconnect with customer? Catalogs and seasonal keeps you front of mind.

Connected to your social media, building audience share and rapport with customers is critical. From articles and posts to reviews and influencer campaigns—all build social proof for better page and site rank. Managing social, search and paid, we help you be more successful.

Traditional advertising, print and direct mail are also options. Experts at targeted marketing, we help you understand who your customers are and better speak to them with timely, relevant outreach.

Content Marketing

Promotion is essential. Everyone wants automated marketing and inbound like Hubspot, Marketo or Pardot, but without excellent content, what are you saying? We can help you create a process for repeatable, original content.


Almost every client we’ve worked with for eCommerce came to us in a time of crisis. Broken carts, errors, and out of date platforms kill sales and lose customer confidence. We can’t stress how important it is to properly maintain and update your cart, it’s design, products, customers and communications.

GreenDev helps you manage hosting, security, apps and plugins for features and function.

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Shopify is an amazing hosted platform. This site sells just one product, a perfect application for Shopify.